⬩a kny siblings zine⬩

[ a for-charity fanzine centered around the bonds of siblings in kimetsu no yaiba ]

SCHEDULE (2022-2024)

Interest CheckMarch - April
Contributor AppsMay 1 - 31
Results SentJune 5
Acceptance DeadlineJune 12
CreationJune - Oct.
Preorder PreparationNov. - Dec.
PreordersJan - March
ProductionApril - Sept.
LeftoversNov - Jan
Project CompleteJan. 2024

*dates are subject to change.


What is a zine?
⬩A zine (short for fanzine) is an unofficial fanbook that typically features work by artists and writers. Frequently, zines may be accompanied by physical and/or digital merchandise as well.
What is the theme for this zine?
⬩This zine is centered around the relationships between siblings portrayed in the series Kimetsu no Yaiba.
What are the specifications for this project?
⬩for charity
⬩physical and digital
⬩SFW, General, PG-13
⬩A5 (148 x 210 mm) perfect-bound zine
⬩physical merchandise
⬩artists, writers, & merch artists
Can other characters besides KNY siblings be featured in the zine?
⬩Yes, other characters may be featured as long as the are not the central focus of the piece.
Are AUs allowed in the zine?
⬩ AUs (Alternate Universe) are permitted as long as they adhere to the theme and are SFW.
What are the requirements/guidelines for applying?
⬩Anyone aged 16 and over by the time applications close on May 31st is allowed to participate in this zine. Further application guidelines may be found in detail here.
Can I apply for more than one position?
⬩Yes, you may apply for as many positions as you like! Artists may be accepted for both page and merch assignments. Writers will only be accepted for the writing role.
How will contributors be compensated for their participation?
⬩We hope to generate enough revenue from sales to fund full physical bundles for all contributors. This includes the physical zine, bundle merchandise, stretch goals (if applicable), and shipping to the contributor. All remaining funds will be donated to charity. In the event that this is not possible, all contributors will receive the digital zine PDF and any digital merch, and will be offered physical items at production cost.
Is this project for profit or for charity?
⬩This project is for charity. All proceeds from project earnings will be donated to the International Rescue Committee.
Will there be guests in this project?
⬩Yes, a handful of creators will be invited to participate in this zine!
Who are the mods for this project?
⬩The mods are Kim, Zhi, Quiss, Jay, and Neems. Feel free to read more about us here.
Have more questions?
⬩Feel free to contact us via Twitter DMs or email, and we will get back to you as soon as we can!


role: organization, production, writing, shipping
bio: the theme of sibling bonds in kny never fails to make me cry, so of course i need a zine for it.
experience: PICW: A SV Cookbook: organization + production; Yuuki: A Langa Artbook: organization + social media
favorite kny siblings: the kamados and shinazugawas (holds them gently)

role: finance, art
bio: i love KNY and its character design and spreadsheets
experience: Demon Slaying Alchemists: finance + production + shipping; Kuvira Zine Vol I & II: lead + finance + production; From the Ashes: A Fire Nation Recovery Zine: lead + org shipping + social media
favorite kny siblings: Butterfly Estate siblings because baby Kanao is the cutest!


role: graphics
bio: My love for Nezuko is stronger than yours >:)
experience: KNY Food Zine: graphics + merch artist; Hanakotoba: A JSHK Flower Zine: graphics; Nezuko Zine: graphics
favorite kny siblings: Kamado kids!

role: formatting
bio: i use too many exclamation points !! and i dont take myself too seriously
experience: Struck By Lightning: A Zenitsu Zine: graphics; Wisteria Fables: A KNY Storybook: graphics + formatting
favorite kny siblings: kokushibou and yoriichi (we like Angst in this house)


GENERAL GUIDELINES⬩All applicants must be at least 16 years of age by the time applications close on May 31, 2022.⬩All application submissions must be SFW.
Any NSFW will automatically be disregarded.
⬩All submitted links must be accessible to the mods.
Please make sure that all links are publicly viewable! We will not be contacting an applicant due to invalid links.
⬩All submitted works must be original.
Copied or traced work will not be tolerated.
⬩ All submissions must be COMPLETE WORKS.
Do not include sketches, WIPs, drafts, or unfinished works in your application.
⬩Previous zine experience is not required to apply.⬩Applicants may apply for multiple roles.
Artists may be accepted for both page and merch assignments; writers will only be accepted for the writing role.
⬩KNY pieces are welcomed and encouraged, but not required to apply.----------------------------------------------------------PAGE ARTIST GUIDELINES⬩Submit 3 individual pieces that best represent your art style.⬩At least 1 piece must be fully rendered with a full background. (Solid/gradient colors and/or simple graphics do not qualify as full backgrounds.) Please do not submit sketches.⬩In addition to the individual pieces, a visual portfolio containing at least 5 completed works is required.⬩Traditional art may be submitted, provided the scans are at least 300 DPI.⬩Page Artists will be judged solely on proportions, anatomy, colors, composition, and perspective.MERCH ARTIST GUIDELINES⬩Submit 3 individual pieces that best represent the style of merchandise you wish to create for this zine. Please do not submit sketches.⬩In addition to the individual pieces, a visual portfolio containing at least 5 completed works is required.⬩Previous merch experience is not required, but if you have drawn and produced merchandise before, feel free to include photos in your portfolio.⬩Merch Artists will be judged solely on overall ability and intuition for creating unique & eye-catching designs which are well-suited for becoming merchandise.WRITER GUIDELINES⬩Submit 3 individual written excerpts that best showcase your writing style.⬩The maximum word count per sample is 2,000 words, for an overall maximum of 6,000 words.⬩At least 1 piece must be a completed, stand-alone work within the word count.⬩Writers will be judged solely on overall style and ability to create a story within a limited word count. Key points of focus will include: characterization, flow, plot, grammar, and mechanics.